• How much does it cost to join?
    • Absolutely nothing. All we ask is that you promote your own store and products.
  • How do I sign up?
    • If you are the owner of the community (must produce proof of ownership), click here.
    • If you are a content creator, click here.
  • What do I receive for signing up?
    • Your own domain complete with home page storefront and blog.
  • How many products can I have in my store?
    • To start you will have your choice of 5 products from our catalog.
  • How many colors can I have?
    • Currently there is 3 color choices for each product.
  • Is there a mark-up limit?
    • We suggest you limit your markup to no more than $5.00. But it is ultimately up to you.
  • How do I receive my commission?
    • Commission payout is a choice of PayPal or instore credit.
  • Is shipping really free?
    • Yes, in the continental US! Everywhere else is only $4.00.
  • What are the requirements for my logo?
    • Must be in a jpg, png or vector format (ai) and at least 300 DPI.
    • Must produce ownership of image.
  • Do I have to have a separate logo for embroidered products?
    • Embroidery artwork should not include small details, small text (Font must be a 1/4 inch tall), color fading, complex shadowing, grey scale, or overlapping colors. Please remember this artwork will be stitched; keep the colors solid, avoid filling areas that aren’t necessary, and avoid small details.
  • If I have any problems, who do I contact?
  • Do I have to have a minimum number of members in my community?
    • Yes, there is a minimum of 25 members.
  • Do I have to have a minimum number of subscribers?
    • Yes, there is a minimum of 100 followers/subscribers.
  • Do I ever have to worry about my store being closed?
    • No as long as you stay active in your communications with Acorn and your promotions/marketing.
  • How can I change my products/commission price?
    • There is a link included on your product spreadsheet to submit for any requests you may have.


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