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Microsoft Considering Game-changing Coup — Reputable gaming news sources reporting of the likelihood of the U.S. giant purchasing EA Games, Valve and PUBG Corp in one fell swoop!

Hello and welcome back to! We’re here to continue bringing you our amazing weekly gaming discussions and the hottest news on the wire! And this week, we have quite an interesting, juicy piece of news that will not only blow our minds, but possibly change the gaming landscape for good!

Gamers like us know that, although we all talk of the three-way console war and speak of Microsoft being up there against Sony and Nintendo, realistically this isn’t the case. Here at, we’ve even published articles on how Microsoft is behind on sales (which they took the decision of hiding in 2015, due to the fact that they were lagging behind the PS4 by huge amounts) and on exclusive games. This latter point has been more or less the make-or-break factor in the purchasing of a console. After all, nobody buys a console because it’s cute or because the name is nice — they look at what they’re getting from it, and exclusive games are possibly the second most important factor behind the hardware itself!

Microsoft has been working hard on releasing hardware that can give their console an advantage over both their rivals, releasing both the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X — the most powerful console in the world — as well as investing in VR adaptations and other peripherals that could bring a fresh audience to their console while providing greater satisfaction to their current gamers.

It has worked, sure, but the gaming and technology giant has still looked in need of that precious oomph that the other two giants have.

But that might be about to change…

…in a very, very dramatic way.

They’re doing WHAT?!

For now it’s just a couple of rumors from credible sources, of course, so we’re going to have to take this with a pinch of salt; but it wasn’t any silly old reporter that broke the news on Twitter, it was actually the reputable gaming news website, Polygon.

Microsoft could be about to acquire Electronic Arts. Yes, you read that right, reader. The Washington-based multinational corporation has been suffering with the lack of intellectual property (IP for the rest of us), but is studying the possibility of taking over one of, if not the biggest, developer companies in the world to counter that. This news comes at a great time, considering EA’s floundering fortunes at the moment (Battlefront II, for example, seems to have failed in expectations of sales after its DLC controversies), and it seems that both companies could greatly do with the transaction taking place.

But it doesn’t end there, my friends.

Internal shifts within the company have pushed forth the ideas of purchasing two other massive companies that produce excellent content — Valve and PUBG Corp!


“WHAT?!” I hear you exclaim. “So we’d finally get Half-Life 3?”

Now wait a minute, I don’t know about that, but I can tell you that these acquisitions would push Microsoft’s bid in this three-way war up almost to the top. While PlayStation would still have its massive catalogue and more companies producing exclusive games and Nintendo would, of course, continue to have Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, Metroid and all of those other classics on their side, Microsoft could begin to create their very own characters and expand their brand. Think of it, other than Halo’s Master Chief, what protagonist represents Microsoft? A character you immediately associate with the company? Yeah, I don’t recall any, either.

EA’s massive catalogue would bring immense audiences to Microsoft’s console, and the technology giant could work to change the things EA has been doing wrong lately to bring back those glory days we enjoyed in the 2000s!

Valve Corporation has some very enjoyable, very original games that we all love. Portal, Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress, Counter-Strike, Dota 2, and of course, Steam could bring about an evolution to the Xbox One that no other products have yet brought.

Finally, PUBG Corporation. Now this is the dark horse, considering that most will say that the company has only made one game and it isn’t even finished yet. Yes, that may be true, but in reports this week, it was revealed that PUBG has made over $712 million in sales over the past eight months, and that it sold almost the same amount as CS:GO and Overwatch did, together ($723 million)! The money that a Microsoft-only PUBG product could bring to the Washington-based giant would be astounding. Just imagine, within three to four years…PUBG 2, but in VR! Wow. I’m already salivating.

When is this happening? Why am I so hyped?

It’s normal to feel that way, reader. Even if you’re a PS4 or Switch gamer, this may be enough for you to make the ‘switch’ over to the Xbox One as soon as it takes place. I’m loving the news, and things can only get better for Microsoft if they truly do follow this path. Let’s hope they take the correct decisions and start turning their luck around.

The gaming world will benefit greatly if they do.

What do you think about this rumor? Is there anything behind it, or is it just gossip? Which of the three companies would you love to see working for Microsoft the most? Comment below!


Anthony Muhye

British Writer, Gamer, TV Show Freak and Tech Enthusiast living in South America



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